Fill Your Notebook With Ideas

I’ve met a lot of people who told me that they want to improve their English.

I often ask them what they do to improve their English.

The most common answer that I received is that they watch English movies, read English books and not much else.

Some people tell me that they try to speak in English with other English speakers.

When I ask them, how long they have been doing this, they tell me that they’ve been attempting to improve their English for years.

Unfortunately, I don’t see results and all I hear are excuses.

That’s the thing.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we will get better by watching English movies.

Here’s a better thing to do.

Practice writing on your notebook every day.

Write down your goals.

Write down your plans.

Write down your problems.

Write down your ideas.

Write down your blessings.

Write down what hurts.

Write down what you want to fix.

And keep writing.

Make lists.

Write essays.

Organize your thoughts on paper so you can think clearly.

Difficult math problems can be solved if you only took the time to copy the problem on paper.

Many people make stupid choices simply because they’re trying to solve complex problems mentally.

Don’t make that mistake.

Buy a notebook.

Fill it with your ideas.

Study your thoughts.

Collect better thoughts.

So you can build a better life.